Colourless water based water-repellent with for


Colourless water based water-repellent with for.

  • Water based.
  • High water repellent power.
  • It does not alter the tone.
  •  Reduces dirt adhesion.
  •  Vapour breathable.

Hidrosol Aquo Plus is a water resistant product ready to use for façades made of concrete, mortar, masonry, brick, natural stone or fibre cement, among others, formulated with organosilic
compounds of the latest technology, emulsified in water.

hanks to its high concentration of active ingredients, Hidrosol Aquo Plus provides a high water-repellent capacity and an optimal pearl effect, without altering the original tone of the surface or forming a film.

It prevents water penetration into the surface while allowing its breathability and reduces the formation of efflorescence, moss and lichens, maintaining the aesthetic conditions of the wall

Hidrosol Aquo Plus can be applied both indoors and outdoors since it does not emit any solvent/odour and is totally UV resistant.

Application Areas

This product is especially suitable for water-proofing all types of vertical construction surfaces or on surfaces with slopes of more than 5 degrees of inclination, such as: Natural stone, caravista brick, concrete, mortar, plaster, fibre cement, roof tile…

Mode of Application

Before applying Hidrosol Aquo Plus, it must be checked that the surface is fully hardened and set in case of new constructions, totally dry, free of dust, dirt, oils, efflorescence and a temperature between 5 and 35 °C

It can be applied with an airless sprayer, brush or roller, applying two layers of product using the “wet on wet” methodology. To do this, apply the second layer of product while the first layer is still humid.

Hidrosol Aquo Plus is not suitable for horizontal surfaces, nor for being coated with cement or lime based paints.


  • Plastic containers of 1, 5, 10 and 30 litres.



Product Sheet

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Product Sheet

See Sheet