Multisurface marker pen graffiti remover.


Multisurface marker pen graffiti remover.

  • Easily removes graffiti and marker shadows.
  • Fast action.
  • Suitable for spraying.
  • Multisurface.

Neodecapint Rotu is an ink and graffiti stripper-remover based on a synergistic mixture of solvents and surfactants, specially developed for the elimination of marker pens graffiti made on all types of washable, low-porous surfaces.

Neodecapint Rotu has a fast dissolving action on inks and pigments, so its action is highly effective. In addition, its low viscosity also allows its direct use by spraying, optimizing cleaning times and economising on the product. This property also optimizes its surface penetration capability, eliminating even the most difficult to remove shadows with a single application.

Given its special composition, Neodecapint Rotu is effective on all types of polished, varnished or enamelled surfaces, such as: polished granite, glass, lacquered wood, painted metals, etc. Also, with short application times, it does not affect the surface under the graffiti, avoiding the need to repaint the surface after the graffiti has been removed.

Application Areas

Neodecapint Rotu is to be used for the removal of graffiti made with any kind of marker on hard surfaces with low porosity or non-porous, such as: granite or polished marble, lacquered or
varnished wood, glass, painted metals, etc. It is therefore particularly recommended for use on urban furniture, playgrounds, metal doors and letter boxes, façades, etc.

Mode of Application

Neodecapint Rotu is supplied ready to use, so no dilution is necessary at all.

  •  Apply Neodecapint Rotu on the graffiti to be removed. It can be applied either by direct spraying or by impregnating a cloth with the product.
  • Then, gently rub and let the product work for a few minutes.
  • Finally, rinse with plenty of water to obtain a completely clean surface. This procedure is most effective if pressurized water is used, preferably hot.
  • Repeat the operation if necessary.


  • Metal container: 1 litre (boxes with 8 units).
  • Industrial packaging: 5, 25 and 50 litres.


Product Sheet

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Product Sheet

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