High-tack bonding resin for construction materials.


  • Excellent adhesion.
  • Moisture resistant.
  • Extra-high tack.
  • Excellent open working time.
  • Not flammable or dangerous.


Neocem NQ is a ready-to-use, high tack, water-based, self-adhesive primer formulated with 100% acrylic resins of very high quality, specially developed to increase the adhesion of
cementitious materials and water-based plastic paints on difficult-to-bond surfaces, such as very smooth and/or low porosity surfaces, on both vertical and horizontal surfaces.

Neocem NQ has excellent resistance to moisture and alkalis, maintaining its adhesive properties throughout its service life and, unlike other primers, retains a good degree of adherence and
elasticity over time. These characteristics allow Neocem NQ to have an excellent open working time: from 15 minutes to several days*, optimizing operations on site and reducing the time
required for the same.

Neocem NQ is not flammable or hazardous to the environment or the operator, for which its use is completely safe and validated by the OSH departments. It is also water vapour breathable, it is suitable for application with residual moisture in the surface (< 7%) and from 0 oC..

Thanks to these properties, Neocem NQ can be used on surfaces such as: mortar, plaster, brick, fibre cement, wood or natural stone, among others, and in all kinds of works: partition walls with columns, bonding of new mortar with old mortar, mortar screeds, tiled, etc.

Application Areas

Neocem NQ can be used on all types of materials commonly used in constructions that do not have zero absorption.

Mode of Application

Neocem NQ is a ready to use product, so it must be applied as it is supplied. It should not be diluted under any circumstances, since its adhesive characteristics will be diminished. In addition, Neocem NQ should be applied on cohesive surfaces, with low residual humidity (<4% preferably), completely set and completely clean of dirt such as: dust, rust, efflorescence, stripping substances and, in short, free of any substance that hinders or nullifies the adhesion of the acrylic resins.

Once you have verified that the surface meets the above characteristics:

  1.  Apply the product on the surface using a brush, a roller or an airless sprayer.
  2.  After 15 minutes of its application, carry out the required work on the site


  • Plastic containers of 1, 5, 10 and 60 litres.


Product Sheet

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Product Sheet

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