Two-component gravel adhesive for tree surrounds.


Two-component gravel adhesive for tree surrounds.

  • Good weather resistance.
  • Excellent adhesion and bonding.
  • Allows water to drain.
  • Easy application.

Linker Stone is a two-component adhesive, based on solvent free epoxy resins and high cohesion capacity, specifically designed to bond, fix and compacting decorative gravel.

Thanks to its optimal formulation, its high quality and its optimum mechanical and weather resistance, Linker Stone, allows the chemical bonding of all types of aggregates used in the
construction of roads, tree surrounds or decorative gardens, among others, allowing pedestrians and light traffic to circulate without the gravel coming loose.

Linker Stone has no film properties, so the aggregate surfaces retain their liquid permeability capacity and allow the substrate to breathe while allowing moisture retention, optimizing the
irrigation water for gardens and facilities.

Application Areas

Linker Stone is suitable for use in all work where a gravel adhesive product with high adhesion, durability and performance is required. By its characteristics, Linker Stone can be used in: tree surrounds, gardens and decorative areas, roads, walkways, traffic islands, roundabouts, etc., and, in short, in any area that requires a solid and resistant base to pedestrian traffic without the gravel used coming loose.

Mode of Application

  1.  Stir components A and B separately using a stirrer fitted with a mixing rod. The stirring must be performed at low revolutions to prevent air occlusion.
  2.  Mix component A with component B using the ratio 2:1, respectively. Stir the mixture for 2 minutes at low revolutions.
  3.  After mixing, add Linker Stone to the gravel and shake the mixture for a few minutes until the gravel is fully impregnated with the product. The Linker Stone dosage should be 20-40 grams of A+B component mixture per kg of gravel, according to its size.
  4.  Extend the gravel and compact it to obtain a fully firm surface.

Linker Stone can also be applied by spraying to harden and repair previously compacted gravel

To do this, it is recommended to make the mixture of components A and B according to the above instructions and add 20-40% Disol to the mixture. Then spray the Linker Stone mixture onto the surface to be hardened/repaired. The performance of the mix applied has to be adjusted on a case-by-case basis.


  • Metal container: 1.5 (1+0.5kg), 6 kg (4+2) y 15 kg (10+5).


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Product Sheet

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