Special cleaner and descaler gel for vertical surfaces.


Special cleaner and descaler gel for vertical surfaces. 

  • Specially designed for pool cleaning
  • Concentrated product.
  • Easy application.
  • Fast clarifier.
  • Acid nature.

Limfa Gel is a professional grade cleaner and descaler gel, of an acid nature, designed to clean and remove calcareous incrustations, residues and mineral sediments that accumulate and adhere to surfaces that are in permanent contact with water or contain large amounts of moisture.

Its careful composition, based on inorganic acids, surfactants, corrosion inhibitors and thixotropic agents, transforms the insoluble and highly encrusted salts into easily washable chemical
compounds, disintegrating even the most adhered encrustations without affecting epoxy resin and elastic gaskets or metallic decorative elements.

Limfa Gel has a high viscosity texture, allowing high contact times on vertical surfaces, ensuring effective cleaning with the minimum amount of product. Thanks to this characteristic, Limfa Gel is especially recommended to clean swimming pools waterline, since it easily removes dirt and encrustations from edges and walls.

The cleaning and descaling action of Limfa Gel also makes it suitable to remove mould and verdigris that accumulates in the joints.

Limfa Gel is suitable to be used on all types of surfaces such as: glass, porcelain tiles, stoneware, glass mosaic, chlorinated rubber paint, etc., and, in short, on any surface not susceptible to
attack by products based on inorganic acids.

Application Areas

Cleaning lime residues and adhered sediments on vertical surfaces such as walls, façades and swimming pools.

Mode of Application

Limfa Gel is a concentrated product, so it must be diluted before use. Protective gloves are recommended for its handling and use.

The following indications must be followed for its use: 

  1.  Slightly moisten the surface to be cleaned
  2.  Apply the product to the surface to be cleaned using a brush or roller. Depending on the
    amount of dirt to be removed, Limfa Gel can be used pure or diluted with up to 5 parts of
    water, (1 L of Limfa Gel + 5 L of water).
  3.  Allow it to work for a few minutes, rubbing if necessary with a bristle brush.
  4.  Rinse abundantly with water, preferably with pressurised water to finish.


  • Plastic containers of 1, 5, 10 and 60 litres.


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Product Sheet

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